A Special General Meeting of Holiday Coast Credit Union Ltd will be held on 29 May 2019 at Wauchope Country Club More Info »

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  • BSB 721-000

Board & Management.

How Holiday Coast Credit Union is managed…

The Board of Directors is responsible for the sound and prudent management of Holiday Coast Credit Union.

The Governance structure is as endorsed by the Board and is described in the Corporate Governance Statement.

The Board operates a Code of Conduct as part of our Corporate Governance Structure.

The Board have delegated the day-to-day management of the credit union to the Chief Executive Officer who together with the Executive Management team are responsible for the delivery of the credit union's Strategic Plan including the Purpose, Vision and Goals.

Members 18 years of age and above are entitled to vote to elect the member elected members of the Board of Directors and subject to meeting the required criteria are eligible to nominate for the office of Director.

Two member elected director positions are declared vacant every year and those positions are subject to the electoral process.

The Annual General Meeting provides an opportunity for members to receive the Annual Statutory Reports and to be heard.