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Holiday Coast Launches the "Branch of the Future"

Holiday Coast Credit Union will officially launch their “Branch of the Future” in Taree on Thursday (December 15) unveiling a new open space design. The Venue incorporates our Life Stages concept that our recently redeveloped website showcases how Holiday Coast is committed to its customers through the various stages of their lives. We understand our Members and we can align our products and services to suit their needs now and into the future.
Our redeveloped and refurbished Taree Branch allows our Members to conduct their banking in comfort, whilst enjoying a complimentary coffee and their children can access the “getting started” corner and occupy themselves with games on the iPads provided. The new design has also allowed for a deposit-capable ATM inside a section of the Branch that will be open 24/7 allowing customers access at a time that suits them.
The Branch features full size wall prints of local iconic images, ambient tunes playing in the background and friendly knowledgeable Staff on hand to have a casual moneyCHAT.
Private offices are available to discuss your finance questions in greater detail and small seminars or presentations for up to 10 people can be held in our specially designated Meeting Room.
Over the coming months our Taree Staff will begin educating and migrating customers to the self-service technology whilst engaging in more meaningful discussions which highlights the value and trusted advice we offer at Holiday Coast.  
Holiday Coast is embracing the digital transformation of the banking industry. Over the past 6 months we’ve launched Android Pay and Apple Pay as digital transactions continue to increase rapidly. However our Vision and Purpose remains the same “to help our Members become successful in creating the life they want” or in other words to achieve their financial dreams and goals.