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  • BSB 721-000

How to reduce monthly fees

Did you know with 5 simple steps we can help you reduce your monthly fees and charges. Follow our quick guide and watch your account keeping fees reduce on your statement each month.

  • Press Credit

    By simply pressing 'credit' at the point of purchase when you use your visa debit card and do not want “cash out”. Pressing “credit” in these circumstances entitles you to unlimited free EFTPOS transactions per month.

  • Register for SMS alerts

    Register for SMS Alerts (within Internet Banking) and Holiday Coast will send you an SMS each time you receive a credit or debit to your account (ie: your payroll/direct debit). You can also set a dollar limit to be notified if your account goes below that limit, meaning you won’t need to check your balance as often.

  • Mobile APP

    Check your account balance and transfer between accounts using our mobile APP for free

  • RediATM

    Use a rediATM for cash withdrawals and you will save on direct charges from another bank. Find an ATM using our rediATM Finder >

    Caution: do not use ATMs for Account Balance enquiries as they count as a transaction and could be subject to transaction fees. Use our mobile App, set SMS alerts or use telephone banking.

  • Getting Cash

    Ask for cash with your EFTPOS purchases to save using the ATM. When you do use the ATM, try to withdraw enough to last you for a week or two and save on any excess transaction fees that can arise with multiple withdrawals and or balance enquiries at ATM.