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We wish to advise of the following changes to our Fees and Charges and Account Features and Access Facilities, which come into effect on 1st August 2017.

Loan Offset Facility

The ability to link to a Loan Offset Facility will be withdrawn from the Basic Transaction (S1) and Great Day Transaction (S2) accounts.

We will still offer the Loan Offset Facility on the Great Day Offset (S4) account for those members requiring this feature.

Monthly Account Service Fee

The monthly Account Service fee for Personal Transaction (S2, S18) Accounts being $6.00 per month and Business Transaction (S8) Accounts being $20.00 per month, will be charged on all accounts each month whether there is activity on the account or not.

Holiday Coast Credit Union has no monthly Account Service Fee options for both Personal and Business Transaction Accounts, which are suited for both electronic and low activity users.

Excess Transaction Fee

The Excess Transaction Fee for the Christmas Club (S3) and Great Day Bonus Saver (S16) accounts will increase to $5.00 per transaction in excess of the free allowance.

Unauthorised Overdrawn Account Fee

A $9.00 fee will apply if an account becomes overdrawn or exceeds its approved overdraft limit. Debit Interest of 18.5% pa also applies for each day that the account remains in this state.

Cheque Item Fee

The Cheque Item fee will increase to $0.50 for each cheque included with a Deposit containing cheques. This fee will now apply to all Transaction and Savings Accounts. For cheques deposited to multiple accounts, the fee applies to each deposit.

Paper Based Statements

All Members receiving a paper statement will be charged a statement fee of $2.50 per statement.

As a more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative the Credit Union offer Electronic Statements via our Internet Banking package where members are able to logon and view or print their statement free of charge.