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Digital Banking General FAQs

I've forgotten my password

Simply call our Member Contact Centre on 1300 365 7 24 and we can provide you with a new password.
Your nearest Holiday Coast Credit Union Branch can also provide this service.

Business Banking

Can I receive eStatements for the Business?

How do i access my Business Account?



Can I use my Internet Banking while overseas?

How do I register for eStatements?

How do I update my address and contact details?

I can't access Internet Banking through my Bookmark/Favourites shortcut

What Alerts can I set up?

What if I don't want my alerts emailed to me?


Holiday Coast Mobile App

How do I download the new version of the App?

Why doesn't my old app work anymore?



How do I change my password?

I'm trying to login to the new Internet Banking but it isn't accepting my password. What should I do?

I've forgotten my password, what do i do?

My One Time Password is failing and returning an error message. What should I do?



Can I register a PayID with multiple financial institutions?

How do i create my PayID?

How secure is the New Payments Platform?

Is a PayID safe?

Is it mandatory to have a PayID to make an Osko payment?

Is there a limit to how much i can transfer?

What happens to my PayID if I change my email address or mobile phone number?

What is a PayID?

What is OSKO?

What is the New Payments Platform?

Who is behind the New Payments Platform?

Why can people see my account name when they use my PayID?



Can I add BPAY Billers to my BPAY Address Book?

Can I add Payees to my Payee Address Book without processing a transaction?

Can I transfer money overseas using Internet Banking?

How do I transfer to another member of Holiday Coast who is not in my Address book?

How do I view or amend a future dated payment?

I have exceeded my daily transaction limit. Can I increase my limit in order to perform the transaction?

What is the purpose of a transfer nickname? How do I set up a nickname?

Why are there multiple records of the same account in my Payee Address Book?


Two-Factor Authentication

I have no reception, but I have Wifi. Will the SMS One Time Password still work?

Is there an alternative to SMS One Time Password?

Will I be charged for the SMS passwords?

Will I need a mobile phone to carry out transactions on my computer?

Will VASCO tokens still be in place?