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If you have a longer-term investment horizon for some of your hard earned savings, Holiday Coast Credit Union has a number of investment options to meet your investment needs. Depending on how long you want to invest for and the amount you have to invest, Holiday Coast Credit Union can provide an investment solution for you with regular "money to live on" income payments from the investment.

Term Deposit

A Fixed Term Deposit is a safe and secure investment where you don’t have to worry about any interest rate movements as you are guaranteed an agreed interest rate for the length of the term you choose.

Member Investment Securities

Member Investment Securities are irredeemable non-cumulative preference shares designed initially to grow the Holiday Coast Credit Union capital base as well as providing members with an opportunity to receive franked dividend subject to the Board determining the payment of a dividend.

Bridges Financial Services

Building your wealth… Holiday Coast Credit Union is proud to offer you the services of Bridges. Bridges is a leading and highly respected wealth management business which can provide you with advice on wealth creation, pre and post retirement planning, risk insurance, estate planning, stockbroking and much more.