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Personal Loans

A very personal, Personal Loan from Holiday Coast Credit Union. It doesn’t matter how old or experienced you are, when it comes to finances, stuff happens! The reality is that at some point in your life, you will need to borrow money to help you along the way.

New Vehicle Variable

A personal, Personal Loan to help you buy a brand new car, motorbike, caravan or boat.

"New to you" Personal Loan

Looking for a 1-5 year old Car, Bike, Boat or Caravan?  100% transparent, No hidden fees, and No surprises.

Great Day Secured

A Great Day Secured Personal Loan, the answer to all of your borrowing needs. A convenient Secured Personal Loan.

Live Life Home Equity Loan

Your home equity is a great financial resource and you can use the equity in your home to give you the financial freedom you require to make those necessary home renovations, do some well-deserved travelling, pay off high interest debts, or for whatever other lifestyle goals you may have in mind.


Holiday Coast Credit Union Fixed Rate Personal Loan offers you flexible terms and a competitive interest rate. Because the loan is fixed you are guaranteed for the term of the loan that your repayments will remain unchanged... and because your loan is fully secured this is reflected in a lower interest rate when compared to an "unsecured" or "partially secured" personal loan.



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