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A Holiday Coast Fixed Personal Loan

Holiday Coast Credit Union Fixed Rate Personal Loan offers you flexible terms and a competitive interest rate. Here's how it works... Because the loan is fixed you are guaranteed for the term of the loan that your repayments will remain unchanged... and because your loan is fully secured this is reflected in a lower interest rate when compared to an "unsecured" or "partially secured" personal loan.


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  • No penalty for early payout of loan
  • Make additional repayments without penalty
Available for new and existing Borrowers.
A Holiday Coast Fixed Personal Loan is a fully secured loan meaning that we will require an asset as collateral for the loan. A secured loan means that the credit union is covered from any possible financial loss if you were unable to meet your repayments. As a result of the risk to the credit union is less, so is the interest rate applicable to the secured loan which will save you money.
Current interest rate
Interest is calculated daily and charged monthly. When interest is calculated daily, weekly or fortnightly repayments result in less interest being charged to your loan over the course of the loan. View the current lending interest rates
Fixed interest rate
A fixed rate Personal Loan is right for you if you feel comfortable with an interest rate that will remain unchanged for the life of the loan. With a fixed rate you will always know the amount of your payments so you can budget better.
Loan purpose
Purchase new or used car, home renovations, holiday, consolidate debt and other worthwhile purposes.
Application fee applies, however there are no on-going service fees on any of our Personal Loan products. Other fees may apply such as legal costs, valuations, stamp duty. We will advise you on application of any fees applicable to you. View the current lending fees and charges
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