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A Great Day Secured Personal Loan, the answer to all of your borrowing needs.. A convenient Secured Personal Loan.

Holiday Coast are there for you with products that provide financial flexibility to suit your everyday personal needs. With flexibility to use your loan for any expense - from holidays, to education, to special family events with flexible terms and competitive interest rates designed to fit your needs and budget.

You'll save money with this loan because your Great Day Secured Personal Loan is secured either partially or fully so you get an even lower interest rate... and get your loan pre-approved before you go shopping so you can negotiate an even better deal on the things you want to buy. Features such as no monthly account keeping fees and the flexibility to make extra repayments without penalty so you can manage your payments as you choose. Always compare loans with the same features when looking for the best interest rate.

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How to apply

Call 1300 365 7 24, or drop into a Holiday Coast branch nearest to you.

Available for new and existing Borrowers.
Current interest rate
Interest is calculated daily and charged monthly. When interest is calculated daily, weekly or fortnightly repayments result in less interest being charged to your loan over the course of the loan. View the current lending interest rates
Variable interest rate
A variable rate Personal Loan is right for you if you feel comfortable accepting that with an interest rate change, so can your repayments - either up or down. If your loan is short term then any movements either way will likely not make much of a difference over the term, but if your loan is longer term then there is more opportunity to have multiple interest rate rises and you should consider what any change in increasing interest rates and monthly payments could do to your budget. A drop in rates can help you pay your loan off sooner, but a rise in rates can hit your hip pocket. We recommend that members pay a little bit extra each payment to build a buffer should their payment rise.
Loan purpose
Finance can be for motor cycles, new and used cars, consolidation of debt, education, home renovations, a holiday or any other worthwhile purpose.
Application fee applies however there are no on-going service fees on this or any other of our Personal Loan products. Other fees may apply with different loans such as legal costs, valuations, stamp duty. We will advise you on application of any fees applicable to you. View the current lending fees and charges
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Lending criteria and fees and charges apply. Terms and conditions apply and are available on request.