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Understand My Internet Safety

Internet Banking

Internet banking is one of the most widely used and convenient methods for accessing and managing your Holiday Coast accounts. The ability to check your account balance, transfer money between accounts and pay your bills from anywhere in the world is an amazing time saver.

Some people are unsure about the safety and security of using internet banking, if this sounds like you then the tips below will help you to feel more comfortable about accessing a whole new world of convenience.

Internet banking security tips:

  • Ensure your computer has up-to-date anti-virus and personal firewall software installed,
  • Never follow links or open attachments that arrive via unsolicited emails. If in doubt retype into your internet browser and start from our home page,
  • Take extra care when using computers in public places such as internet cafes – always delete your session history and close the browser – check that the next person can’t go back to your recently viewed web pages.
  • Change internet banking passwords or access codes on a regular basis – especially after using computers in public places.
  • Passwords used should be hard to guess – do not use date of birth, names or any word found in a dictionary – even if you replace the i’s with 1’s,
  • Internet banking should only be accessed directly through the Holiday Coast Credit Union website – do not login through other website links or email links,
  • Look for the SSL encrypted connection – indicated as https:// and a small key or padlock icon,
  • Holiday Coast will never send you an email requesting you confirm your login details and password via a link in an email,
  • Always logout when you have finished with internet banking,
  • Ensure you have the correct account information of a person or merchant you are attempting to pay before confirming the payment.


If you want to learn about Internet Banking click here, visit your local branch or call us on 1300 365 7 24 and we will walk you through all of the fantastic features.