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SMS Alerts

Have you ever been caught out with a declined transaction because you weren't aware of your account balance?

Perhaps you'd like to know exactly when your payroll credit has been deposited to your account?


With our SMS Alerts service you can take advantage of these alerts, plus more, to help you stay on top of managing your accounts.

Registering is only a few clicks away after you have set up Internet banking Access. Once you have enabled your SMS alerts, you can then customise what notifications you receive, and when you receive them.

Some of the key options are:

  • Allowed Times - Any time of day or only between specified from & to times eg. 8am to 10pm
  • Send SMS when an internet banking transaction is performed
  • Send SMS when your available balance falls below a specified limit. Individual limits can then be set for each account.


Once logged in to Internet Banking on your computer, simply select 'SMS Alerts' on the left hand menu and follow the prompts, it's as easy as that!

For more information, contact us on 1300 365 7 24 ,or email ubelong@hccu.com.au



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