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How to Protect Your Assets and Maintain Financial Security

Making money is only the first step in acquiring wealth and financial security. If you want to achieve and maintain financial security and independence, you will have to learn how to protect your assets.

There are many potential causes of erosion of your assets out there, including financial losses, market losses, inflation, litigation and taxes to name a few. Smart investors recognise that these impacts exist, and they accordingly take steps to protect their money.

All of us can take steps to protect our assets by using the tools provided by Holiday Coast Credit Union and Bridges Financial Services.

Protecting your Assets from Market and Financial Losses

The unexpected can happen to anyone at anytime and it can greatly impact your future financial plans and strategies. That is why we recommend that our members meet with one of the Bridges Financial Services Planners to create, review and monitor the financial plan for each member that will meet each members life goals within their individual risk spectrum.

Your Bridges financial planner will also recommend a diversified investment portfolio to meet your future dreams and goals.

Protecting your Assets from Inflation

The biggest threat to your liquid investments (a savings account for example) is inflation - the process by which money loses value over time. Nobody can stop inflation, but you can counter its effects by putting your funds in an higher interest-earning savings account.

Holiday Coast offers several interest earning savings accounts including the Percentage Plus, Bonus Saver, and Christmas Club.

Protecting your Assets from Taxes

If you want to avoid financial discomfort in the future, you need to take steps to protect your assets now. Holiday Coast and the financial planners at Bridges Financial Services can help you protect your assets with investments, savings accounts, transaction accounts and insurance.

We also recommend that you need to regularly update your personal and any business affairs with your Lawyer and your Accountant. This will further assist you in protecting you and your assets.

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This article provides general information only and should not be relied upon as financial product advice.

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